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As the sun begins to set earlier and the cool, crisp air blows past carrying the fragrance of fall – it’s the perfect time to make a treat that your family can enjoy. Pumpkin granola is a crunchy and flavorful snack that is not only healthy, but gluten free. Ingredients: READ MORE >>

“The Spirit of America” is the title we gave ourselves as Massachusetts citizens, so this Independence Day, make sure you let that spirit show. Country-wide you can find Fourth of July celebrations, but some of the best festivities are all located right here in New England. READ MORE >>

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes some much needed school vacation time. Whether you’re planning a local trip or one that requires flight, keep in mind these locations that offer MTA benefits for which you may be eligible! Boston Ballet – Boston, MA READ MORE >>

As summer comes to a close, the days to lounge reading books on the beach while soaking up the sun are numbered. Those of us here at Educators Insurance want to remind you that just because summer is almost over, that doesn’t mean your days of fun have to be. READ MORE >>

Summer’s longer days give us more time for backyard barbeques, picnics and camping out. While cold weather tempts the palate for soups and stews, we like the challenge of warm weather feasting too — even if the food’s a little lighter, it’s no less tasty. READ MORE >>

Despite all the noise for Team USA’s soccer skills, here at Educators Insurance we’re still cheering for the original boys of summer. If you’re eager to take in a baseball game with your family, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to make it great. See you at Fenway! READ MORE >>

With few holidays and short days, February is a common time for seasonal affective disorder to strike. The “winter blues” or seasonal depression affects many people who don’t otherwise report depression and varies in frequency around the country. READ MORE >>

Amid the cold of February, Valentine’s Day comes to warm our hearts as children exchange cartoon-branded note cards and sugar hearts printed with messages. In the days of the Roman Empire, an imprisoned St. Valentine signed a note as “from your Valentine,” and by the Middle Ages his legend had taken off. READ MORE >>

The holidays give us a time to come together with friends and family. Here at Educators Insurance Agency, we see the wonderful benefits of time with family, school breaks and winter sports. Unfortunately, we also confront many potential pitfalls of this time of year. READ MORE >>

Have you heard one too many “ra-pa-pum-pums” already this season? While the holidays give us time to reconnect with friends and family, we’re ready to beat back the holiday clichés with fresh ways to keep our favorite flavors, melodies and pastimes new and interesting. READ MORE >>

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